What Makes Us Unique

What Makes Us Unique

We are a global search firm that acts nothing like a search firm. Our background as industry experts ourselves, positioned our mission to provide SOLUTIONS to SOLVING PROBLEMS, rather than simply recruit to fill headcounts within client partners. We operate within a niche focus of merchandising, merchandise planning, pricing, and space planning.

We understand the challenges facing retailers today at an aggressive pace. The "new normal" of retail means changes in customer purchasing behavior via:

  • Customer Price Transparency
  • Social Media and Shopping Behavior Changes
  • Promotional Analytics/Effectiveness
  • Big Data Analytics & CRM/SRM
  • Supply Chain Process Efficiency & Network Optimization
  • Category Management via Big Data
  • Traffic...traffic...traffic erosion

The pressure to deliver financial results in the face of increased margin pressure, and reduced average traffic walking through brick and mortar retailers, means retailers face a paradigm shift in their need for talent. Status quo business drivers simply don't deliver growth any longer. Impact players, thought leaders, and change agents are yielding the differentiated results at organizations today.

Our talent focus leverages this deep understanding of inherent challenges facing our clients today, and a fiery passion to deliver expectations to our clients to ensure their success...over-delivering financial objectives in the form of a return to shareholders and/or ownership. We DO NOT operate within mass placements, but rather focus on QUALITY of placements. We ONLY WORK with game-changing talent capable of delivering solutions to problems facing our clients today in the "new normal".

Our consultancy options add that competitive advantage to our retail clients in building out strategic objectives to capitalize on talent. Our consultant solutions engage on restructuring, process, governance, and big data utilization in:

  • Price Optimization, Markdown Optimization, Promo Optimization
  • Space Planning
  • Merchandise Panning (Process and System Implementation)


We believe in YOU and your organizations success is our measurement of success. We believe solving problems through talent solutions pave the way for competing in today's environment. We can help!